Aarhus Sommeropera


Principals: Jesper Mikkelsen; Anette Bod; Mathias Hedegaard; Julie MeeRa Albertsen; Sidsel Aja Eriksen; Anders Christensen ;Benjamin Molonfalean
Director and designer: Bent Nørgaard
Conductor: David Riddell
The Danish Sinfonietta - Randers Kammerorkester

A new opera about science, love, and ethical dilemmas by Niels Marthinsen and Bent Nørgaard.

Major scientific discoveries often change our thoughts on who we are and where we come from - and one of the greatest changes in attitude came with Charles Darwin's publication of "The Origins of Species" and the development of the concept of evolution.

Darwin's discoveries challenged the prevailing ethics of Victorian Britain, but the narrative of the opera focuses on the true story of Darwin's domestic life and his love for his wife, Emma. She was a devout Christian, and Darwin delayed publishing "The Origin of the Species" for many years due to his beloved Emma's profound religious beliefs.

Despite their deep love for each other, their differing opinions on the afterlife were a constant source of contention, and yet it was Emma who finally convinced her husband to publish his earth-shattering theories, after Charles received a crucial letter from a colleague about to publish similar theories to his own.