Aarhus Sommeropera


Principals: Jette Rosendal; Kristina Wessmann; Pia Schnack; Bo Kristian Jensen; Jesper Mikkelsen; Jacob Zethner-Møller
Director: Niels Pihl
Designer: Karin Seisbøll
Conductor: David Riddell
The Danish Sinfonietta - Randers Kammerorkester

The plot of Rimsky Korskov's Mozart and Salieri is historically inaccurate but none the less makes an interesting and dramatic tale. The year is 1791. Mozart, the young upstart genius, has emerged as one of the most successful and popular composers in Vienna. Salieri, a favourite of Viennese society for many years, now feels threatened by his precocious colleague. Jealous of the success of Mozart, he resolves upon poisoning him. He invites his rival to a meal, during which there is a discussion as to the possibility of genius and crime being united in one mind. Salieri, having heard the Requiem that Mozart had composed at the behest of a mysterious stranger, drops the poison into his glass, and when Mozart withdraws, indisposed but unconscious of the cause, Salieri is plunged into remorse, fearing that his murderous act may signify that he is himself no genius.

Mozart and Salieri was performed together with Erik Bach's new opera Olympia's Revenge, and both operas were well recieved by both critics and audience

"Best show in town, tankevækkende teater." (Aarhus Stiftstidende)

"This is opera news, a festive evening with the necessary taste of the seriousness of life" (Jyllandsposten)

"He who dares, wins, and Aarhus Sommeropera both dare and win, apparently every time!" (Aktuelt)